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Collision offers a full 360 level of artist support. This includes product support through artist discount across our webstore, access to our social media reach, providing a platform for an artists work to be shared, a platform which boasts over 100,000 artists and members of the music community. Artist’s are also a member of the Collision community, enabling them to network with current artists already apart of the global community.

We are always on the look out for new artist to welcome to the Collision family.

There are three processes involved in a collision:

Cruise. Approach. Impact.

Each endorsement level carries its own requirements although not exhaustive, Collision considers the following aspects when considering prospective artists for an endorsement.


Playing live 2-3 times a month

  • Opening or supporting local touring acts/touring regionally
  • Band has over 1,000 Facebook likes (or social media equivalents)
  • Gaining exposure/Music industry attention
  • YouTube drum covers with over 5,000 views

Playing live 3-5 times a month

  • Main supporting for local/touring acts
  • Doing regional/national support tours
  • Solid amount of social media fan base (either independent or band pages)
  • Management/Record Label interest
  • YouTube drum covers with over 30,000 views

Touring Nationally/Internationally regularly

  • Touring Nationally/Internationally regularly
  • National/International media exposure (Videos, magazines, social media)
  • YouTube drum covers with over 100,000 views
  • Signed to a Record Label with major release currently out

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Artists interested in an endorsement with Collision are reminded prior to completing the application that an endorsement is not a right but rather a privilege.An “endorsement” means an artist fully commits to and swears by a particular company/product.

In other words, that company’s product is regarded as the best and the product that the artist exclusively wishes to play or uses. The artist endorses the company, not the other way around.

From a business perspective; a manufacturer such as Collision understands the endorsement because that artist is popular enough to influence consumers. The manufacturer forms the relationship by signing the artist, so that the consumer is made aware of that relationship. The idea being that when that relationship is made known to the artist’s fans it will influence them to buy more of the same products the artist chooses to play.

Collision Drumsticks are happy to accept any applications for endorsements, but before applying please read these very important facts about endorsements:

We’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can!

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