Dimensions: L 16 1/2" D .570" Weight: Medium Taper: Medium Tip Style: Tear Drop

Extremely responsive stick, popular size. Slightly longer than a normal 5A, this drumstick has a great level of versatility for the modern day drummer with very standard rock specifications. With a medium weight and medium taper, this is an all-rounder’s dream!

As played by...

RYAAN SANDHAM-Band-Fyre Sky-UK-Cruise-5A
RYAN NEWBERRY-Band-Conspiracy Of Kings-UK-Cruise-5A
RICARDO BONITO-Band-Chromatic-UK-Cruise-5A
MAGIC DAVE-Band-Reign Of Fury-Midlands-UK-Cruise-5A
JASON CANELAS-Band-Big Way Out-Australia-Cruise-5A
JOE AUSTIN-Band-sesson drummer-UK-Cruise-5A
JAMES COLLINS-Band-Witch Tripper-Mansfield-UK-Cruise-5A
BRANDON TOWNSLEY-Band-Settle For Less-UK-Cruise-5A-5AR
JACK QUARTERMAIN-Band-State Of Millennia-Chelmford-UK-Cruise-5A
HARRIS TOMLINSON-SPENCE-Band-Independent-Lincolnshire-England-Cruise-5A
GEORGE BARRELL-Band-The Dustbowl Children-Wiltshire-UK-Cruise-5A-7A