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Collision Drumsticks Founder’s Statement A platform for artists to collaborate and contribute


Thanks for taking the time to browse the Collision Drumsticks website. Welcome to our official online store! 

I would like to provide insight into our product-based services by sharing the story behind its development.

‘It is all about creating an impact for value’.

How Collision Was Founded

As an artist of 14 years, I was frustrated as I was unable to find an authentic, transparent company that provided great quality sticks. 

I was an up-and-coming drummer with little-to-no contacts in the music industry. It was important that I collaborated with brands who lead with integrity. I wanted to find a brand that supported the smaller drummers. 

Whilst some smaller brands attempted to reach out, I noticed they were merely after a ‘quick sell’ and didn’t provide the customer experience along with their products. Bigger brands also seemed to fall short; their contact was limited, impersonal and left me feeling like I blended in with the crowd. There was a lack of community and a tailored experience that I would expect when purchasing drumming tools. Moreover, the brands I was trying did not meet the level of quality that I expected when investing in their products. 

My frustrations led me to develop Collision Drumsticks, an online, community based retailer who provide the drummer with a buying experience, resource hub and community platform. We’re here to provide service WITH the product.

We recognise that drumsticks are an INVESTMENT. These are the tools you use daily to deliver hard-hitting results to your audience. They are the weapon of choice of the drummer. Moreover, not everyone has the funds to be constantly getting resupplies of drumsticks – as a drummer myself I can resonate with that. That’s why we provide the most durable drumsticks on the market; quality and durability are of the utmost importance to us. 

Vision And Values

Integrity and transparency are also huge values of ours. The content featured on our site has been directly contributed by the community. Providing a raw, authentic source of information. Each post comes from a new artist with a view, voice and story. This enables artists to openly create and submit their own content and share their stories, thoughts and interests within a dynamic and positive environment, built by the artist, for the artist. By doing so, we hope to serve the drumming community – it’s all about creating value.

With so much noise being made within this space, it is at times, difficult for the artist to feel heard. We hope to give each musician, large or small, the opportunity to amplify their voices and IMPACT THEIR SOUND.


To us, collaboration is fundamental. We are dedicated to YOU. We are committed to facilitating the development of an artist contributed database of blogs, Q&A’s, resources, and more! This enables our artists to seek out advice and learn more about a range of drum and music related topics produced by their peers. 

We are extremely excited to see you with your new drumsticks and become a part of this growing community. We truly look forward to networking and collaborating with you! 

Please use the hashtags #collisiondrumsticks and #collisiondrumsticksuk and tag us in your Instagram stories to feature on our socials!

If you happen to have any questions about your products or our online space, please feel free to email us HERE.

3 thoughts on “Collision Drumsticks

  1. Nick Pappalardo says:

    What a great opportunity for musicians to network and share ideas. It’s a pleasure to see a company that takes pride in the craft with hopes of becoming a platform for other musicians to share their voice. Thanks Carlton!

  2. Jack Mayfield- Dudley says:

    Collision sticks are amazing!!
    Great stick deffenition on rides and hi hats
    Last longer then these primark sticks, these sticks have lasted me almost 5 months with 7a and 5bs
    The weight is great on the sticks
    Great service and friendly
    I’m gonna stick with these sticks forever, collision sticks are number one in my books and should be in everyone’s book

  3. Mahir Hassan says:

    I love the 5A sticks. The length is actually very helpful for me. It seems to be longer than the other 5A and 5Bs I have. I’ve always looked for longer sticks, but with a smaller diameter, and the 5A is near perfect for me! Loved it, and thank you!

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