Tips for Drummers That Want to Perform in Front of Thousands

By: Masis Mardirossian

My name is Masis Mardirossian. I’m a drummer in a rock band called Akher Zapheer which is based in Amman Jordan. I’ve been playing drums and other instruments since I was 11 years old. Since then, I started to gradually improve my drumming and musical skills by practicing, and listening to different genres of music. I also spent time observing and analyzing how each drummer has his / her own approach and taste of writing drumlines. That helped me a lot to build my own touch and approach when it comes to writing and performing.

Playing in different countries, big festivals and concerts has been one of the greatest experiences that I’ve been through. It sure needs hard work, dedication, and a lot of concentration, because every hit counts. You always want to put the best show to the fans. So, I live for those moments, and I always take it as a learning process.

I would like to share some of my experiences / tips and challenges to the new drummers and musicians out there that are working hard to reach their goals and want to play on stages for thousands of fans and more.

7 Tips for New Drummers:

  1. Take the obstacles as a learning process and keep in mind that this is just a part of your growth.
  2. Keep practicing and improving your writing and performing skills.
  3. Approach the drums as a unique instrument, and listen carefully to the members’ musical phrases and notations while writing your drumlines.
  4. Self-doubt is a key, use it right!
  5. Enjoy while performing live your songs with your band members, and avoid being self conscious.
  6. Build your drum setup carefully. Choose the right tones that will fit very well with the other instruments and the whole genre.
  7. Work hard and be ready to get the opportunity that you were waiting for.

There is no journey without a starting point, and there is no starting point without faith.

I started to play the drums on a performing level when I was 14 years old. In 2007, my first gig took place in a coffee shop. After that, there was a lot of doubts in every step that I was going to take towards my musical career. This is because back then, growing up in a place where music wasn’t really respected and appreciated by the society was a bit disappointing and challenging as well, but so what?

My passion and love for playing drums pushed me to overcome the obstacles, life challenges, and put me in a state of mind to achieve and become the person I am today – from the small places and venues, to sold out concerts and festivals in front of thousands of our amazing fans.


Gather the scenes from the past, focus on the present, and the future will knock the door by itself.



Masis is an Endorsed Approach Artist with Collision Drumsticks.

Based out of Amman, Jordan, Masis is an internationally touring drummer that we know and trust. He is well respected in the industry and has played on stages for thousands at festivals and big concerts in many different countries.

To learn more from Masis himself, here’s how you can get in touch:

Masis Mardirossian

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