Standing in Solidarity with the Black Community

Collision Drumsticks stands in solidarity with the black community. We would like to explicitly state that we are an anti-racist company. During a time like this, we want to be there to support you.

“How can I best use my platform to contribute to change and justice?”

Right now, you can think of your platform as important social media real estate that can be used to promote change, anti-racism and justice. The best use of your platform right now would likely be to share the following resources (feel free to copy and paste without credit, or edit/add your own, note that this list is not extensive).

  1. Sign petitions:
  1. Donate:
  1. Educate yourself on racial justice:
  1. Other ways to use your platform to support:
  • Share resources that educate others on anti-racism and racial justice.
  • Ensure the people that you are following are diverse.
  • Share music from Black artists.
  • Share businesses from Black entrepreneurs.
  • Encourage friends/fellow artists to do the same, to pause their promo, ads and sequences and instead use their platforms to share.

“I’m scared about saying the wrong thing.”

Being silent might be the wrong thing. If you’re unsure how to put your own thoughts into words right now, repost (with credit) resources from others.

Then, lean into books, movies, videos, and resources which can educate you in a way that helps you to feel more confident in speaking out and up.

Expect to be uncomfortable, and maybe expect to say the wrong thing. It’s not going to be perfect. Be open to learning, being corrected.

Here’s a reading list for books about anti-racism: 

Hear from our Collision Community:

Collision Drumsticks stands with the black community. We wanted to use our platform to open channels and start dialogue by inviting members of the Collision Community to speak and share their experiences as we fight against injustice and racism.

Artists in this conversation

Marquis Faison

Prophetic Sound Productions (PSP)

Houston, TX, USA

Ryan Sowels

B.B King All Star Band

Memphis, TN, USA

Noel Kunz

Andrew Sapin, The Absent Trio, Uncle Ted & The Boots


Wes Watkins

Got My Own Sound


Artists in this conversation

Tom Griffin Jr.

Brooklyn Bonez

Jamaica, NY, USA

Artists in this conversation

Kevin Allen

The Vibe

Atlanta, GA, USA

Quindrey Davis-Murphy

Bob Curnow Jazz Orchestra, Blake Braley, Jessie Quandt, Ron Green, Stevie Lynn Krone, Karen McCormick

Spokane, WA, USA

Marquis Faison

Prophetic Sound Productions (PSP)

Houston, TX, USA

Artists in this conversation

Dre Cole

B.Slade, KeKe Wyatt, Josh Waters, and B. Chase Williams and Shabach, Session Drummer

Atlanta, GA, USA

Markel Speedy Moore

Session Drummer

Philadelphia, PA, USA

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