Monthly Archives: October 2021

Knowing Your Worth As A Musician

Hey Everyone! We are back with another important topic this week, Knowing your worth as a musician. This is incredibly important in every aspect of the music industry, from gigging to session work to social media and beyond. Here are some of the key points that Carlton and Andy spoke about: The first thing is […]

Growing An Idea Into Reality

Hey Everyone! This weeks topic is based around bringing an idea into reality. We all have those thoughts about different ways we can grow our music, either through playing or serving others. We need to filter those thoughts and bring them into the present. Here are some key points that Carlton and Andy spoke about […]

How To Market Yourself As A Drummer

Hey Everyone! Something that comes up a lot when we speak to drummers is “How do a market myself in the industry?” You asked, and we delivered! Here are some of the key points discussed in our IG Live around this topic. The starting point is really thinking about your brand and your personal brand. […]

How To Get Your First Gig

Hey Everyone! As we come out of lockdowns, COVID restrictions are being lifted and live music is making a comeback, I feel like this topic has so important. We have all been busy practicing with new bands/artists or on our own. You are looking to get into the gig scene, but don’t know where exactly […]

How To Record On A Budget

Hey everyone! What a crazy year it has been so far! One thing is for sure, us here at Team Collision have been pivoting not pausing! Over the summer, both myself and Carlton have been going live on the Collision IG account bringing you all the tips and tricks of not only the drumming industry, […]