How To Record On A Budget

How To Record On A Budget

What a crazy year it has been so far! One thing is for sure, us here at Team Collision have been pivoting not pausing!

Over the summer, both myself and Carlton have been going live on the Collision IG account bringing you all the tips and tricks of not only the drumming industry, but the music industry as well!

A question that a lot of artists wanted to know was “How to record on a budget”. You asked and we delivered! Here are some of the highlights from that Live.

Record On A Budget Highlights

  • What’s the starting point for any artist getting to grips with the recording process?
    Starting off, it’s not getting too caught up in the gear side of recording. I don’t spend a lot of money on microphones etc. I started out recording with a two channel interface with a few ¼ inch adapters. I’m not saying this is the best way to go but on a budget this can work really well.
  • Stripping it back, what can a phone do in these cases?
    Work with what you have got. A phone can work really well. You need to be clever with your phone placement.What I recommend is don’t place the phone right in front of the kit, place it off to the side, that way you aren’t getting that washy kick sound. I have seen artists who integrate €1000 microphones but use an Iphone as a room mic.
  • What are some DAW options?
    I would recommend Presonus studio one artist. There’s also Protools first. I’m not an Apple person, I’ve always been windows. I do recommend Apple for production. It all depends again on your budget.

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This was such a powerful session! If you would like to see the full Live, be sure to click the link below, where we answered even more questions around budget recording!



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