How To Get Your First Gig

How To Get Your First Gig

As we come out of lockdowns, COVID restrictions are being lifted and live music is making a comeback, we explore ways on how to get your first gig. I feel like this topic has so important.

We have all been busy practicing with new bands/artists or on our own. You are looking to get into the gig scene, but don’t know where exactly to start? You asked and we delivered! Here are some points that were discussed in our summer IG lives.

  • On the topic of first gigs I started out playing with my friends in youth bands. When it came to the paid professional side of my playing it was through word of mouth and making those connections. I was known as the guy who if I wasn’t playing in a certain band on a Saturday night, I would go out and find another band to gig with.


  • Market yourself as a brand, if you’re not putting the work in to sell yourself and make yourself known, you’ll find it hard to get the work.


  • Make sure you are gig ready! That’s was separates a good artist from a great artist. Have you got the tracks ready, the set ready, extra tracks if needed.


  • You need to be able to work on the fly. You also need to be able to work under pressure. Learning sets in short notice, being able to get to a gig at short notice is key.


  • A key part of being gig ready has to do with personality. You need to gel with the band you are playing with. You can be the best musician out there, but if you are hard to get along with, it will be hard to make those connections, on and off the stage.

This was a hard hitting live, giving you insight into how to get your first gig.

Be sure to click on the link below to catch the full IG live!


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