How To Market Yourself As A Drummer

How To Market Yourself As A Drummer

Something that comes up a lot when we speak to drummers is “How do a market myself in the industry?” You asked, and we delivered! Here are some of the key points discussed in our IG Live on how to market yourself as a drummer.

  • The starting point is really thinking about your brand and your personal brand. For me, I branded myself as a live drummer, in more recent times due to the pandemic, I market myself as a mix engineer. Branding is defining who you are and what you are about.


  • You need to find that gap in the market. Look at what makes you stand out from the crowd. If you want that gig / work bad enough, you will find that crack in the market that makes you stand out.


  • Figure out who your target fans are and where they can be found. Find out who you are going to be best serving.


  • Once you have found your target audience, the next action step is going to be marketing through social media platforms. Show up for your fans, not only promoting yourself but also the services you provide.

This was a fantastic topic! It’s all around building your own brand and figuring out who you can best serve in this industry.

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Be sure to check out the IG link to watch the full video where we drop even more gems!


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