Growing An Idea Into Reality

Growing An Idea Into Reality

This weeks topic is based around growing an idea into reality. We all have those thoughts about different ways we can grow our music, either through playing or serving others.

We need to filter those thoughts and bring them into the present.

Here are some key points that Carlton and Andy spoke about in their IG Live:

  • Bringing an idea into reality can mean a lot of things. It would mean bringing four musicians into the same room, practicing for a future gig or tour. It’s about bringing something that can not only serve you but also the wider community
  • An idea has to be acted on, it has to be implemented and in motion. What’s an idea if it’s not acted on?
  • Let’s take a track, what would you do from an idea stand point? From a musician stand point, I would lay out the instrumental tracks, getting the core structure of the overall track. (Rhythm, melody and lyrics)
  • On the tracking side, the next step is demoing. Having just an acoustic demo to work from to give an overall sense of where the track is going before recording the final version.
  • You might find through the demo period that a more stripped back approach to the track is what’s needed.
  • I think having the basic knowledge of other instruments can be an advantage in this stage. Being able to record a demo on your own can be less time consuming before recording the fully finished project. This can also help from a production stand point as well. Having the knowledge of other instruments can make you think more creatively.

There were some gems dropped here! What were your takeaways from this? How are you going to grow that idea into reality?

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Click the link below to watch the full IG Live!

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