Knowing Your Value As A Drummer

Knowing Your Value As A Drummer

We are back with another important topic this week, Knowing your value as a drummer. 

This is incredibly important in every aspect of the music industry, from gigging to session work to social media and beyond.

Here are some of the key points that Carlton and Andy spoke about:

  • The first thing is to understand what value means. It can mean time, knowledge, experience, services you provide or all of the above.
  • For myself (Andy) it’s a mixture of time vs the effort I put in creating my craft as a drummer. The hours of practice and the hours travelling to shows is a key thing for me.
  • It’s also about figuring out what we as a consumer would value from a producer, musician or venue.
  • A core value is professionalism, being professional on the job and getting things done in a timely manor for clients.
  • Making sure that you are looking after new and current clients to the highest standard.

This was a great topic! Worth can mean different things to different people, What stands out for you when thinking about your worth as a musician?

Be sure to click the link below to watch the full IG Live, where Carlton and Andy drop even more gems!

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