Perfecting The EPK

Perfecting The EPK

This weeks topic lines up great with last weeks topic of how to market yourself as a musician.

We spoke about the core values of marketing yourself in this industry. What are the next steps you might ask?

Creating an EPK or Electronic Press kit is an essential for musicians. This is a musical CV or Resume.

Here are some key points Carlton and Andy spoke about Perfecting Your EPK:

  • Keep your EPK up to date. Have it current with what you are working on. Don’t have something that was five years ago. Have current shows/ dates and who you work with.
  • You will be sending your press kit to the following: Artist Relations manager for brands, for bands you will be looking for the manager or label. It’s key to send it to the right person or department, documents can get lost easily if not sent to the right people.
  • Keep your EPK short and concise. Have a Bio, current artists you work with, social media links where appropriate as well as a discography.
  • Make sure all links are working. There is nothing worse than having broken links to your socials / work.
  • Have all your contact information in your EPK. Name, Address, contact number and email, Have details of any artists you work with or label / management information too.

This has been a fantastic conversation around press kits. Always remember to keep it up to date, short and concise and have all contact information there.

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Click the link below to hear the full IG Live where Carlton and Andy drop even more gems!

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