How To Go Live On Social Media

How To Go Live On Social Media

One thing that a lot of our artists ask is how to get over the fear of going live on social media. It’s something that everyone, even here at team Collision has experienced at some point!

Whether you have goals of streaming your show, practice, announce an album or show off some new merch to your audience. Going live can be a difficult thing to do! Here are some tips Carlton and Andy discussed in their IG Live:

Top Tips

  • Have fun! Enjoy what you do. Everyone is there to support you.
  • The first thing is when you go live you are not alone. Whether it’s one or one hundred, you are not on your own. It starts with the first live.
  • Having a criteria of what you want to talk about can be a real help. Being prepped and ready to go is an essential.
  • Interacting with your live audience is crucial. They are showing up for you. Shout out’s and answering any questions will help build your reputation.
  • Start interacting from the second you go live. Don’t sit in silence waiting for your audience to join. Introduce yourself and start talking about why you are live. You can always do a recap at the end of the live to catch up anyone who may have missed the beginning.
  • Showing up for your fans. Go live regularly to gain more interaction from your audience and promote when you are going live. Doing this will help gain traction around a weekly IG Live.

These were some fantastic points! It may be a fear to go live on any social media, but taking some of these points can really make a difference.

If you enjoyed these tips, be sure to click the link below to hear what other gems Carlton and Andy had to share!

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