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Level Up Your Drumming With Collision BACKSTAGE

This week it’s all about Collision Backstage. In a time where the pandemic hit the world, many musicians around the world were struck down in the live industry.

Collision found a way in which we could help artists “Pivot not Pause”. Backstage was born in 2020 and recently celebrated it’s first birthday. In this weeks topic, Carlton and Andy discuss the benefits of working with a team as opposed to working solo.

Here are some takeaways from that IG Live and how you can Level Up Your Drumming:

  • Everyone who joins Backstage gets an exclusive On-Boarding call with Andy. This is where the team gets to know you and your music, what you want to achieve through Backstage and also Andy will run through everything that Backstage has to offer, from our core modules to our monthly zoom calls and our exclusive VIP area.
  • Every drummer has a different story. Maybe your in your first band, or your are looking to up your social media platforms. Backstage caters for all drummers.
  • What is your “Why”? Why do you do what you do? What is that fire that makes you want to succeed?
  • If you want to go the solo independent route that’s fine, you might go faster, but having a team around you, you can go further. This is something that resonates with all of our artists in Backstage.
  • All too often we get sucked into having the best gear and not into investing in ourselves. Backstage is the cost of a drum lesson a month, and you get hundreds of hours of content from modules to trackers and templates which can help you level up your music.

Backstage is serving artists around the world daily. Are you an action taker? Why not join us now? Click the link below and get your Backstage pass!



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