Collision 1000 Endorsement Program

Collision 1000 Endorsement Program

We hope you are keeping well in the lead up to the Holiday season! This week we are talking about the Collision 1000 Endorsement Program. The Collision 1000 Endorsement Program is having our endorsement roster capped at 1000 artists. Those of you who are currently on our roster, you are helping shape this exclusive community.

As we all know Collision is all about Community. We want to keep that tight community feel when it comes to the artists on our roster.

The endorsement program is in very high demand with hundreds of applicants each week. The artist endorsement is the product representing us, and us representing the product and brand.

Music endorsement deals are when an artist is directly affixing their name to a company or product. It means the artist is endorsing and approving that product and confirming to the audience that they use it exclusively.

How do I get a music endorsement deal?

Endorsement deals should be a mutual, win-win partnership between both parties. You need to demonstrate to the brand that you’re an appropriate investment. You can do this by proving you’re an established musician, showing you have a dedicated fan base and engaged audience that the company can target easily.

Drumming isn’t just about hitting a beat, it’s about taking a stand. By you taking the step to apply for the 1000 program, you are taking a step in the right direction for you, your music and your fans.

We always ask what is your why? What are your next moves in your career? A lot of artists don’t think or consider endorsements or partnerships, they don’t feel worthy enough of this. If you are speaking to us here at team Collision, you guys deserve the opportunity to be heard.

Get yourself known and get that application to us!

What separates you from every other drummer? Mindset!

You need to get into the mindset of building and securing partnerships.

The Benefits of Celebrity Endorsements
  • Build brand relationships.
  • Grow your fanbase and following
  • Stand out from other musicians!


Click the link below to apply for an endorsement here at Collision Drumsticks:




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