How To Be A More Consistent Musician in 2022

How To Be A More Consistent Musician in 2022

We hope you are having a great start to 2022! We hope you are enjoying all the new content being dropped every week from Team Collision! In keeping with the topic of starting 2022 with a bang. This week we are talking about how to be a more consistent musician in 2022.

The more you do something, the better you get at it. As we said in last weeks segment, sometimes we don’t need to learn a new skill. We just need to improve on what we have.

Artists ask what can they do to be heard, the question we ask is how consistent have you been? If you are not putting yourself out there, our fans aren’t going to be able in interact and keep up to date with your career.

When we have been fortunate enough to interview some of the top level artists they all have the same outlook on their careers. It’s not just one moment that has helped them get to where they are, it’s the ability to have been consistent at the earliest point possible.

If we are not consistent in our time management, time will manage us. If an artist wanted to book you for a tour and your time management and calendar was a mess, that’s an opportunity you might miss out on.

Lack of consistency in your planning will lead to challenges that you will not be equipped to deal with.

Sometimes we get lost in the metrics, how many followers we have or how many streams we are getting. We need to focus on the consistent showing up to our existing fans and the rest will follow.

Want To Be Held Accountable and Level Up As a Musician?

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