Remote Drum Studio Build

Remote Drum Studio Build

Andrew here, artist Development Manager at Collision Drumsticks. This week’s blog is a little different. I’m going to be sharing part 1 of 2, of creating a small remote drum studio build.

I have recently moved house and finally had the opportunity to have a fully functioning drum setup. Previous to this throughout the last three years I had been setting up my kit in the living room of the house. I found it difficult as the setup and take down time was more than my actual playing time.

The opportunity came up to move to a larger home and one where I would have a room for production and also one for drums.

Starting off, the room itself had built in furniture including two beds and and shelving units. The carpets were old and needed to be replaced. We spent two days removing all furniture and we took up the existing carpet. We replaced the carpet with wood effect Lino and we gave the room a fresh coat of paint. I left two wall units up and took the doors and shelves out of them for storage of drum heads and any accessories that I have. I also wanted to leave a hanging wood unit that I am going to put hooks on for all my cables to have everything tidy. Because the room is small there’s not a lot I can do as regards acoustic treatment. With the furniture out there is definitely a more live feel to the space but once my kit is in, that natural reverb will halved.

I have a short video below of the first stages of this process. Next week I will be going into detail about the audio setup and getting the room ready for its first session. This will include the position of the kit and what I use in the room.

Stay tuned for more!


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