Remote Recording Studio Build Part 2

Build your dream drum studio

Andrew here, artist Development Manager at Collision Drumsticks! This week I’m going to be sharing part 2 of my remote studio build. This is for those of you wanting to build your dream drum studio

I started off by assembling my recording rack case. This holds my two interfaces, headphone amp, wireless in ear monitor System, power supply unit and two drawers. From there, I got my studio multicore and fixed it to the wall on the far side of the room. This then connected to my interfaces.

I had purchased two shelving units to store my snare collection and any percussion that I have. Because this is the more DIY approach, I also purchased hooks which I used to hang all my XLR cables and headphones.

Once this was completed it was time to start figuring out mic placement and setting up the kit.

I put my drum mat under the kit to have a warmer sound in the room. I set up my constant mics (the mics that I wouldn’t be taking down for gigs). These were mainly my overhead mics and room mics. I setup the kit for a remote session which I only needed a stripped down basic setup.

The final part was to get get levels on the mics and I was set to record some tracks!

This is by no means finished! I have big plans to get acoustic panels and diffusers to help with certain frequencies.

This just shows how even on a budget, you can still have a productive recording space!


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