Monthly Archives: April 2022

Top Tips For Controlling Cymbal Volume

Hey Everyone! This week we are bringing you some top tips when it comes to your drumming. Have you ever been practicing or on stage and your cymbals are just too loud? In this weeks blog we are going to discuss some top tips for controlling cymbal volume. One: Use your hands – Using your […]

Backstage April Masterclass Recap

Hey Everyone! Each month we welcome new expert instructors and mentors to the Collision BACKSTAGE platform. Each Expert provides an impactful 1 hour LIVE Masterclass, packed with exclusive live play-throughs and never shared before systems and strategies from the industries best drummers! Andy is an U.K. based Tour/Stage manager, Record Label A&R, Mentor and Artist […]

Remove The Barriers: Approach Endorsement

Hey Everyone! We are regularly inundated with questions about our endorsement program! This week we want to break down the barriers and answer your questions! From tiers to support we are going to share the insight you need to know which endorsement level is the right one for you to apply! Today we discuss the […]

Top Tips For The Session Drummer

Hey Everyone! Last week we discussed tips for a gigging drummer, This week we are giving some tips and tricks for an upcoming session drummer! Session drummers are drummers for hire contracted on a short-term basis by bands, artists, and producers. Here are some top tips on how to secure more opportunities as a session […]

Top Tips For The Gigging Drummer

Hey Everyone, This week we have decided to give some top tips for the gigging drummer! This is a topic very close to the Collision team. As a drummer, there is nothing worse than feeling under prepared. Here are some top tips on being a gigging drummer. – Gear Talk: The first thing when preparing […]