Top Tips For The Gigging Drummer

Hey Everyone,

This week we have decided to give some top tips for the gigging drummer! This is a topic very close to the Collision team.
As a drummer, there is nothing worse than feeling under prepared. Here are some top tips on being a gigging drummer.
– Gear Talk:
The first thing when preparing for a gig is making sure that you not only have all the gear you need but also having the right gear for that specific job. Making sure that you have what’s needed but also that it sounds good too! Spend some time tuning your kit and making sure it fits the genre you are playing.
– Learning Songs:
Make sure that you spend time learning your setlist. You are the back bone of any band so be confident and know your parts. Also be able to learn songs on the fly, sometimes you can be given a new track just hours before a gig, being able to learn the basics quickly will secure you gigs.
– Be Professional:
One thing that will help you get more work as a gigging drummer is being professional. Showing up with a good attitude and being your true self is key to being in a band. Leave any egos at the door. You may not be the most technical drummer in the world, but if you are easy to work with and are consistent, you will get hired.
– Plan ahead:
If you are not playing locally, plan your route. This can be from a transport point of view where you need to get you and your gear to the venue, where the venue is and who the sound engineer is (it helps to do your research) to where you need to stay (Hotel etc).
These are some points that can help you not only prepare for a gig but also secure gigs in the future!

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