Top Tips For The Session Drummer

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Last week we discussed tips for a gigging drummer, This week we are giving some tips and tricks for an upcoming session drummer!
Session drummers are drummers for hire contracted on a short-term basis by bands, artists, and producers.
Here are some top tips on how to secure more opportunities as a session drummer.
– Know Your Click: Probably the most important thing about being a session musician is knowing how to play to a click. It’s not only about being able to play to a click but being one unit with the click.
– Know Your Drum Parts: Knowing your parts is a crucial part of recording. When you have limited recording time and tracks to be laid down you need to be prepared! In the session world time = money.
– Have The Right Tools For The Job: When it comes to the world of session drumming, having the right sound for that particular track is so important. Tuning your kit, picking the right sounding Cymbals, to stick size to percussion. It even comes down to the type of drums you are using.
These are just some top tips for being a session drummer! Be sure to check out last week’s blog on tips for the gigging drummer!

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