Approach Endorsement

Approach Endorsement

We are regularly inundated with questions about our endorsement program! We walk you through the Approach Endorsement Tier!

This week we want to break down the barriers and answer your questions! From tiers to support we are going to share the insight you need to know which endorsement level is the right one for you to apply! Today we discuss the Cruise level endorsement tier!

We are one of very few brand who do a tiered endorsement program. Why do we have this in place?

Most brands do two types of endorsements: Full and Partial.

Full generally means free products, then there are partial endorsements. These are for the more up and coming artists who are looking for a foot in the door when it comes to new opportunities and have yet to prove themselves within the brand and within the industry.

We see all of competition as collaborators. We respect and love what others are doing.

Many of these brands have a take it or leave it approach when it comes to endorsements. What you see is what you get. Here at Collision, we are here to support our team, we are here to make sure that you have a development path in your career.

Here is the criteria for our Approach level endorsement:

Playing live 3-5 times a month

  • Main supporting for local/touring acts
  • Doing regional/national support tours
  • Solid amount of social media fan base (either independent or band pages)
  • Management/Record Label interest
  • YouTube drum covers with over 30,000 views
  • *Exceptions will be considered if the artist can prove exceptional talent with awards or playing at reputable festivals / shows.

We highly recommend that if you feel this is for you, you apply now! The endorsement applications are at an all time high here at Collision Drumsticks, we are seeing hundreds of applicants a week. We work with action takers.

Be sure to click the link below to apply now!

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