How To Stop Burnout As A Musician

How To Stop Burnout As A Musician

Have you ever felt like you are running on empty as a musician? Ever felt like you are burning the candle at both ends? This week we have five top tips to stop burnout as a musician.

One: Reflect on your accomplishments and recognize that being a musician is awesome. Look at where you have started to where you are now. We are all on an on going journey so it’s important to look back at what you have achieved so far!

Two: Continue to develop and practice your craft. It is so important to keep developing as a musician. Failing to do this with result in you being stuck in a rut and being left behind.

Three: Take regular creative breaks. Taking a break from what you are working on can help get ideas flowing. Sitting in front of a kit for hours on end can put a road block on your creative side. Walk away and come back with a fresh mindset.

Four: Build a great team around you. Having like minded people around you can help not only with mindset but also can help you progress in your career.

Five: Stop playing the comparison game. Don’t look at what other musicians are doing and where they are in their career. Look at what you have achieved so far and the journey you are on.

These have been some really helpful tips to stop burnout as a musician.

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