What To Put In Your Drumstick Bag

What To Put In Your Drumstick Bag

This week we are discussing what to put in your drumstick bag. These are items every drummer should pack from going to the studio, live shows or just transporting to a rehearsal.

One: You have to start with the Collision stick bag. With room for twenty four pairs of sticks, a drum key slot (we know how easy they are to lose!), two compartments – one at the front and one on the inside for accessories, a comfortable strap for carrying as well as two straps to hang your stick bag on your floor tom.

Two: The sticks – always be sure to pack spare sticks for on the road or practicing. With enough room in the stick bag for twenty four pairs, always be stocked up with a range of Collision products.

Three: Pack your Collision rods and brushes. You never know what a gig or studio session might call for. Always have a variation of sticks / brushes / rods for every occasion.

Four: Be sure to pack drum gels and dampening products. You always need to be prepared, especially if you are using an in house kit, having these products can help with the sound of your kit.

Five: Spare stick wrap and tape. It’s always good to have spares of everything. Stick wrap can recuse the chances of stick slips and drops. Always have one spare incase you need it.

Be sure to click the link below to watch the full video.

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