New Product Alert! Introducing the 7AR

Collision Drumsticks 7AR

New Product Alert! Introducing the 7AR Drumsticks

The team here at Collision Drumsticks are always looking to best serve our artists. You asked, we listened and delivered! Drum Roll Please…Introducing the Collision 7AR drumsticks 🙌

This is by far the most requested drumstick from our artists.

The Reach Series drumsticks still have the feel and responsiveness of the Standard Series, but are a longer option for those artists looking for a lengthier stick.

Used predominantly by Jazz/Blues/Swing/Soul/ lighter style musicians, the reach series provide that extra length to enhance your technique. With a powerful tip and long-lasting durability, these sticks are suitable for the all-round musician!

The dimensions of these sticks are the following:

Length: 16 4/5″

Diameter: .550″

Weight: Light/Medium

Taper: Narrow

Tip Style: Acorn



The size of your drumsticks matters because it affects how they feel and sound. Thicker, heavier sticks provide more volume and durability, and are the best choice when a lot of projection is needed. Thin, light sticks are easier to handle, and provide more control in situations where finesse is required, like a small ensemble.

When it comes to choosing sticks, there’s one thing you should keep in mind: everyone’s stick choice is personal. You can narrow down what stick is for you by considering what music you will be predominantly playing as this is the easiest way to pick out a style that will suit your needs most effectively.

if these are the sticks for you, we recommend acting fast as stocks are limited for this new release!

Click the link below to pick up yours today!


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