Backstage Masterclass

Backstage Masterclass

Each month we welcome new expert instructors and mentors to the Collision BACKSTAGE platform. Each Expert provides an impactful 1 hour LIVE Masterclass, packed with exclusive live play-throughs and never shared before systems and strategies from the industries best drummers!
We were proud to announce our May Masterclass instructor, Max Griffiths! Max is a successful UK based Touring and session Drummer, who has collaborated with an array off bands including Sick Joy, The Silence and is currently touring and receiving national recognition with his latest band @thisiszela. With decades of show and band experience, Max has had toured the UK extensively with headline tours and has also played multiple dates and festivals in the USA and Europe!
In this Masterclass, Max is going to teach you the fundamentals of band and artist branding, from concept to show, Max is going to walk you through his approach to branding and how you can make sure your image and sound is next level!

Branding Tips

Imagery: How you vision yourself as a musician and also a brand is very important. This can be the difference between converting someone into a fan or them scrolling past you.

You logo is the first thing a lot of people will see, make sure that your logo really does represent what your band is about.

Create a key words list. This is a list of words that would describe your music and the type of band you are. It’s very important to always go back to this list (the roots of who you are as a band) from time to time.

Using picture walls or Pinterest to put together what you would like your imagery to be like is key. This is very helpful when creating a band logo.

Having a key words list and also an idea of what you want your logo to look like is key when having a graphic designer work with you.

Branding done right can last you a career.

Having a main font but also a support font is key to your branding. Your main font is your logo and the support font is for important information including venues / dates / times etc.

Have you enjoyed this masterclass so far? Because we feel this is such an important topic, we have decided to give you a bonus part two of this masterclass next week!

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