Backstage May Masterclass Recap: Part 2

Hey Everyone!

As promised, Here is part two of our Masterclass session with Max Griffiths!

Max dropped some killer points in part one and part two is no different!

When looking at your logo (or in particular the Zela logo) always think of the logo from a merch point of view. The “Z” in Zela would look great on merch, again a great marketing idea.

Videos are key when it comes to imagery and marketing. Using snippets of new tracks using videos is a good marketing technique.

Always go back to your key words list. This can help narrow down and shape the kind of videos you want to produce.

Get feedback on your tracks and turn the feedback comments into a visual video.

Get creative with your stage imagery as well. Backdrops / logos are key to gigs and promotion.

When it comes to social media, see what works for you. Posting to your social media stories reaches a greater audience.

Brand partnerships are key to help your marketing.

We hope you enjoyed this fantastic two part session with Max.

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