how to keep yourself motivated as a musician.

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How To Keep Yourself Motivated As A Musician.

Hey Everyone, This week we have a phenomenal piece wrote by Collision artist Jamie LaFave about how to keep yourself motivated as a musician.

One of many things that I love about being a musician.
There’s always room for growth, improvement, maturity, execution, inspiration, and constantly setting yourself goals to strive towards reaching perfection.
Or to the closest that you can reach on that particular day.
It’s very humbling to the fact that in reality however good you are or think you are there is always someone that is better than you.
However I have found with getting older other than finding more and more white hairs lol is that there are levels in your performance and attitude.
First and foremost you have to be in the right mindset to allow anything to be possible.
You must be positive
But does being a musician really only stem from whether your good or bad?
Is that really honestly the final judgment?
Everyone is a different player
Different personality
Different techniques etc.
You grow as you learn and you learn as you grow.
What you don’t know today you may just know by tomorrow?
If you can’t drum like Buddy Rich does that make you suck?
Should you burn your drumsticks and never play again?
He is a at a more advanced level than perhaps you are
But keep this in mind Buddy Rich had to start somewhere to
So what is my point?
Where am I going with this?
The proper mindset
A dream
Hard work
Listen not only to the words but to the spaces in between the notes and phrases
Everything that is said also needs to be felt
There is room for everyone
Everyone deserves the chance to share their talent there Dream and their voice

How To Handle Comparison

It ain’t about being popular
Or wanting to be famous
Or for picking up chicks
It’s because you want it you feel it you crave it
You can’t stop thinking about
That’s when you know you are a musician
It’s about love not money
Never give up
No matter what
Opportunity is always around you
The question is
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