Top Tips For Protecting Your Hearing

Hey Everyone!

This week we are back with some more top tips for your drumming and music!

This week we are focusing on hearing protection. Have you ever felt that ringing in your ears after playing drums, at a band rehearsal or at a gig?

Here are three top tips to help protest your ears:

One: Turn down or play more lightly. As drummers, we tend to be hard hitters, Try vary your playing style to play lighter especially on harsher sounds such as cymbals.

Two: Be careful of feedback during rehearsal or shows. Feedback causes that sharp noise that can damage not only your equipment but also your hearing.

Three: Implement hearing protection. This can be from ear plugs, over ear headphones or in ear monitors. We highly recommend to those gigging drummers investing in custom in ear monitors. Not only are they made specifically to your ear but they cancel out stage noise while allowing your to hear the band.

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