July Backstage Masterclass Recap

July Backstage Masterclass Recap

We were proud to announce our July BACKSTAGE Masterclass instructors, Slee and Baxter! Formed in early 2017. Happyalone was born from the reunification of Baxter with the band’s other remaining founding member, Slee. First meeting as teenagers on a summer trip to the Gaeltacht, the two were reconnected in UCC years later, with their mutual love for music leading to them both studying it at third-level – for a year at least. With a diverse range of influences, the powerful trio is credited with birthing what can only be described as a new, boundless genre of music, consisting of celestial synths and smooth vocals backed by unique electronic. Since their first single release in 2017 with “Colours”, which has since racked up an impressive 1.79 million streams on the band’s Spotify.

Here are some of the main points these guys had to share during their BACKSTAGE Masterclass:

One: Have an EPK – having an EPK or electronic press kit is key when approaching management / labels or even radio. Treat your EPK as a CV of your music. Keep it short / simple and concise to your music.

Two: Planning –  Map out your shows. Factor in travel / accommodation / gear transport etc. have back up plans for each so you won’t be left with no options closer to the date.

Three: Be consistent – weather it is on social media or releasing new music, always show up for your fans.

Four: Be Professional – Always be true to you and your music. Weather it’s sending an email to radio or speaking to someone in the industry, be professional. Be the one to stick out.

We really enjoyed having the guys from Happyalone this month.

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