Top five mistakes on Instagram

Top Five Mistakes On Instagram

This week we are discussing the top five mistakes you are making on Instagram.

The first mistake is not posting on your stories daily. Show up for your fans. Stories are the best way to get out reach to potential new fans.

Two: Not using key words in your captions. Using key words associated with the content you are posting can help gain traction around your content.

Three: Not starting conversations. This is the best way to make connections through social media. Make sure that you are reaching out to both current and new fans.

Four: Not having a hashtag strategy. If your are not utilizing the up to thirty hashtags you can add to your captions, you are losing out on potential likes/shares/comments/followers.

Five: Posting without play. posting without having a plan in place will not help you grow your social media. Plan out your content, schedule out your content (apps such as Planoly are great) and make sure it is relevant to your brand and identity.

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