August Backstage Masterclass Recap

Hey Everyone!

We were proud to announce our August Masterclass instructor, Collision artist and team member Andy Conroy!
Based in Ireland, Andrew has had huge success with his band The Jury, playing over 100+ shows annually!
As a producer and drummer for almost 2 decades, Andrew has a successful production company, serving over 40+ Bands and artists monthly.
Andrew is going to provide you the fundamentals of production, whether you are looking to create your own covers/original music or if you are looking to record your bands next release, this Masterclass is a must! Here are some top points from Andrew:

  • Think about what is your objective. Who are you targeting? Is it social media based, get more gigs or have your band noticed?
  • Think ahead. Set out goals / targets you want to hit
  • Look into the gear you need. Laptop / DAW / Audio interface / microphones etc
  • Recording covers – Where will you be posting the videos?
  • Remote Recording – mapping out tracks / be professional / marketing yourself to the right crowd / securing future clients

Enjoyed this little insight to this months Masterclass?

Why not join us?

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