Hey Everyone!

Have you ever wanted to grow on social media but are lost on where to start?

This week we are going to be discussing the top five tips to help you level up on Instagram.

One: Post Reels at least three times per week. This will help your content and profile to be seen by a larger audience.

Two: Spend fifteen minutes per day engaging on Instagram. Liking, commenting, sharing and sending DM’s are great ways to help build your socials.

Three: Go live at least once a week. Although it may be daunting, Going live and showing up for your audience is one of the best ways to build new relationships / partnerships.

Four: Collaborate with others. An important aspect of social media is not only communicating but also collaborating as well. This can also be tied into Lives as well.

Five: Show up on stories daily: Even if you are not posting daily, show up on your stories, this is a great way to be seen by your followers.

We challenge YOU to a 30 day posting challenge. For the next 30 days post on your Instagram account each day and see the results!

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