Top Tips For Going Live On Social Media

Top Tips For Going Live On Social Media

Have you ever thought about going live on social media but don’t know how to start? This week, we bring you some top tips for going Live.

Before we take a look at our top tips, many of you musicians out there may be asking yourself, “What is going live on social media?”

Go Live Online 

Going live on social media is simply utilising the live feature offered by many social media channels to take what might be content that you create in a non-live setting and turning it into a live experience for your fans and online social media audience. This could be an Instagram or Facebook live or even going live on Zoom and streaming the live to YouTube and other social media channels!

Going live can be an amazing way for you to build confidence and an authentic relationship with each of your fans. It’s personal and can really create amazing opportunities for you and your music!

Top 5 Tips For Going Live On Social Media

  • When going live, engage with your audience from the start. Don’t wait for more people to show up. Weather there is 1 or 50 people on the live, be sure to start the conversation from the very beginning.
  • Prep what you want to cover on your live. Have some bullet points ready to speak about. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.
  • Go live with someone. Do a Q&A style back and forth with a friend / band member / fellow drummer. This can help ease into going live.
  • Go live regardless of the amount of people who show up. There is always the option for your audience to watch the replay.
  • Go live regularly to build confidence and to build your audience.

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