Top Tips For Engaging On Social Media

Top Tips For Engaging On Social Media

Following up from last weeks topic of tips to go live on social media, this week are are talking about how you can become more engaging on social media.

Before we dive in, it’s important to know that as a musician, you want to build your audience horizontally before you go vertical and scale. We highly recommend beginning and always maintaining an organic following. Organic is a term used by marketeers to mean “free or non paid audience”. These are fans that follow you for you, who want to be apart of your tribe because your content has influenced them to click ‘follow’.

Brainstorming an ideal client avatar or profile of who you think your target audience is a great way of attracting more of the right kind of audience.

Here are some ways to boost your engagement online:

  • Be active and consistent – Always show up for your followers. Even if you are not posting everyday, show up on stories. Why not try a 30 day challenge where you post everyday on social media to build that consistency.
  • Use a call to action – On your posts, have a question at the end to get your audience talking.
  • Videos – These are the best ways to get your content seen. Using Reels on IG for example, goes to a wider audience.
  • Ask questions – Finding out what your audience wants to see is a great way to engage.
  • Answer comments – this is one of the most important tips. Always answer comments from your followers. Let them know you appreciate their feedback / comments

We hope you enjoyed these top tips.

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