Top Tips For Maintaining Drums

Hey Everyone!

We all know how expensive our craft can be and one thing we sometimes forge is how to take care of our gear.

This week, we are going to look at some top tips for drum maintenance.

  • Polish / wipe drum shells – dust can gather quite fast on drum surfaces, make sure to regularly clean the outer shells
  • Change drum heads as they ware out. there is nothing worse than having dead sounding drums due to worn out heads.
  • Use cases as much as possible. The no.1 way to keep your drums/hardware safe is by using cases. You have two options of soft cases or hardcases depending on your budget.
  • store your drums in room temperature settings. Cold settings can affect the tuning and potentially warp heads.
  • Hardware stands – Lubricate these stands and always replace any damaged lugs or screws.

What do you do to maintain your drums?

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