5 Top Ways To Lower Your Drum Volume

5 Top Ways To Lower Your Drum Volume

Are you looking for some simple drum hacks to make your acoustic drum kit quieter? Do you want to know the best way to practice drums without disturbing your neighbours? Are you ready to learn the myths of soundproofing for drum practice? Here are top ways to lower your drum volume and make your drums quieter.

5 Ways To Make Drums Quieter

  • Using mesh heads.
  • Drum Mutes.
  • Low Volume Cymbals.
  • Change your drumsticks.
  • Electronic Drums.

Using mesh heads

If you’ve recently invested in a drum kit and are finding it impossible to play at home, the answer could be as simple as changing the batter head on your kit.


Drum Mutes

These are rubber pads that you can place on top of your drum heads. Although these are vey easy to use as you can just place them on your existing drum heads, you lose the majority of the drum tone and realistic feel.


Low Volume Cymbals

The best way to reduce the volume of your drum is with low-volume cymbals. Low-volume cymbals are covered in tiny little holes, which reduce the cymbal’s overall mass. This means you get the tone and feel of an acoustic cymbal without the volume. They have a realistic feel and have plenty of tone to them.

Change your drumsticks

Instead of using drumsticks why not try Collision Drum Rods or Collision Drum Brushes to help reduce your playing volume.


Electronic Drums

Drum kits are a lot of fun, but they can also be pretty loud. If you live in a place where acoustic drums aren’t an option—or if you’re just looking for something a little more compact and convenient—you might want to consider getting an electronic drum kit.

Electronic kits have come a long way from their humble beginnings. The days of low quality samples and hard, noisy rubber pads are numbered thanks to mesh heads. They feel just like your acoustic kit without all the noise so you can practice all day long without having an ASBO slapped on your back!

Ekits are the perfect solution if you live in a place where acoustic drums are not an option. All you needs is headphones and you can play with minimal external volume.


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