Electronic Press Kit For Musicians (5 things to include)

Electronic Press Kit For Musicians (5 things to include in your press kit)

We’re going to walk you through the Electronic Press Kit For Musicians (5 things to include). This including: exactly what an EPK to a musician is, what you need to include in an online press kit and how to actually make one for your music. If you want a go to resource of your musical identity and have music industry professionals clearly understand exactly who you are and what you’re about, an EPK or electronic press kit, is an absolute essential.

What Is An Electronic Press Kit (EPK) In The Music Industry?

An EPK or ‘Electronic Press Kit’ is essentially your professional music resume.
It’s a collection of information about an artist and their work that music industry professionals can use to decide if you’re right for them. It’s also an important tool for securing press coverage, obtaining a music review, or notable feature within your music career.
A well-designed and well-put-together press kit is an essential tool for securing press coverage, obtaining a music review, or notable feature within your music career.
A band’s EPK should aim to help music industry professionals understand who you are, what you stand for, and why they should spend their time helping to promote your music.
You might be wondering, are electronic press kits still relevant in 2023? Whilst traditional or physical press kits are no longer used, music industry tastemakers still use EPK’s and they are still an effective music marketing tool. Regardless, it’s still useful and practical to have a high-quality press kit on hand for show promoters

What To Include In Your EPK

1. High-Quality Artist Photos

One of the most important parts of your electronic press kit is the inclusion of high-quality images.
If you don’t have professional band photos or high-quality artist photos, you need to fix that immediately. Getting good band photos is basically non-negotiable if you are trying to grow your music fanbase. It’s more than just a valuable tool—within seconds of opening your electronic press kit, the user needs to be able to see your pictures or album art and understand exactly what kind of artist you are.
When including your promotional material, it’s important that images are of good quality. High-resolution photos are used in magazine features, press, and on music blogs and websites. You can include downloadable files and downloadable photos for ease.

2. Artist Profile

Your artist bio is one of the first thing a press kit reader will see, so be sure to put some time and effort into crafting it.
It should be short and to the point (around three sentences), attention-grabbing, and tell your story.
It can include your name, hometown, genre of music, where you’ve performed or are performing, and any notable accomplishments or accolades you’ve received.
The best bios are those that speak to who you are as an artist and what makes you unique.
Include any interesting experiences or background information that could help build the story of how you got started making music.

3. Reviews & Press Features

Reviews and press features are a key part of a professional resume for your music. They can help you stand out from the crowd, and they add legitimacy to your work as an artist.
You should include reviews or testimonials about your band that are short and sweet, but also make sure to include links in this section so people can read the full review or source.

4. Links To Your Music & Social Media Channels

It should go without saying that your EPK should include your Social media pages and music as standard.
In today’s streaming world, it’s best to embed links from streaming services in the form of a music player so that people can quickly and easily listen to your music without having to first download it.
When choosing what music you will include in your music EPK, you should ensure that the first few songs are among your best.
It is essential to have a digital footprint online, having a fanbase can help your band when negotiating new opportunities. Make sure your are omni-present across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and other social media channels.
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5. Include Up-To Date Contact Details

If you’ve done your job right, your readers should be ready to hit ‘contact’ at any time.
That means that they need to know how to reach you.
The contact details you include in your press kit are just as important as the music itself.
If they can’t get in touch with you, they’ll never be able to book you!
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