7 Habits Of Professional Artists

7 Habits Of Professional Artists

We all have a list of our favourite musicians from true performers to lyrical geniuses! But what makes those musicians Artists? If you are struggling to stand out from the crowd, here are 7 Habits of professional Artists!

1. Perfectionism: They understand it can be a conscious limitation derived from fear of judgement. They do their best but don’t let the idea of ‘perfect’ stop them from releasing music.

2. Goal Setting: They set specific goals they can measure for themselves spread out between short, mid and long-term goals.

3. Listening: They keep an open ear & listen to a wide variety on genres to gain inspiration & learn from other artists.

4. Networking: They build healthy relationships by bringing value & looking for mutually beneficial outcomes rather than just focusing on themselves.

5. Adaptability: They understand they’re in a continuously evolving industry & aim to prepare for change by staying informed.

6. Time management: They aim to provide structure & space for themselves by making a schedule & optimising time. Setting up blocks of time for work, creating content & music in bulk, using scheduling tools, etc.

7. Learning: Aim to be student of the game, music business & life in general. Learning from others, learning online & learning from your own failures.

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