The Evolution of the 5A Standard Drumstick: A Journey through Innovation

The Evolution of the 5A Standard Drumstick: A Journey through Innovation

Drumming is an art form that has evolved over centuries, and with it, so has the equipment used by drummers. One such evolution can be seen in the iconic 5A Standard Drumstick. In this blog, we’ll delve into the rich history of the 5A Standard and explore the innovative variations developed by Collision Drumsticks.

5A Standards Natural Finish Drumsticks

The 5A Standard drumstick has long been a favorite among drummers for its balanced feel, versatility, and comfortable size. Collision Drumsticks, a renowned manufacturer, recognized the demand for a reliable and high-quality 5A option and introduced the 5A Standards Natural Finish drumsticks.

These drumsticks, available on, are crafted from premium American hickory, providing durability and a warm, rich tone. The natural finish enhances grip and control while allowing the wood’s natural beauty to shine through.

The Innovation of the 5A Stealth Series

Building upon the success of the 5A Standards, Collision Drumsticks pushed the boundaries of design and introduced the 5A Stealth Series. This series retained the beloved characteristics of the 5A Standard but added a striking black stained color.

The 5A Stealth Series offered drummers a visually distinct option that exuded a sense of style and sophistication on stage. These sticks maintained the same balance, responsiveness, and durability as the original 5A Standards while offering a unique aesthetic appeal.

Introducing the 5AR Reach Series

Recognizing the diverse needs of drummers, Collision Drumsticks introduced the 5AR Reach Series. This series catered to drummers who sought extra length for enhanced reach and leverage without compromising the feel and balance of the 5A Standard.

The 5AR Reach Series retained the core features of the 5A Standard, such as the comfortable grip and versatile performance, while extending the length to accommodate drummers with specific preferences. This series empowered drummers to explore new possibilities and push their boundaries with ease.

The evolution of the 5A Standard Drumstick showcases the commitment of Collision Drumsticks to meet the evolving needs of drummers. From the timeless appeal of the 5A Standards Natural Finish drumsticks to the visually striking 5A Stealth Series and the extended reach of the 5AR Reach Series, Collision Drumsticks has provided drummers with innovative options that maintain the essence of the 5A Standard.

Whether you prefer the classic natural finish or seek a bolder statement on stage, Collision Drumsticks has successfully adapted the 5A Standard to cater to different preferences. As drumming continues to evolve, Collision Drumsticks remains at the forefront, consistently delivering exceptional drumsticks that empower drummers to create their best performances.

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