Collision 5A Standard Drumstick: Size and Details

Unlocking the Potential of the 5A Drumstick: A Comprehensive Exploration

Every drummer knows the crucial role drumsticks play in shaping their musical expression. Among the diverse array of drumsticks, the 5A size emerges as a versatile player’s favorite. Its unique characteristics make it suitable for various music genres, and it’s been lauded as the perfect balance between weight and size.

Commonly crafted from American Hickory, the 5A drumstick has carved a distinct niche for itself among musicians. Notable for its enhanced durability and balanced response, this drumstick variety is a go-to for rock, pop, country, and even jazz drummers. A drummer wielding an American Hickory 5A stick can traverse a vast spectrum of beats, from the most robust rock ballads to the subtlest jazz rhythms, without missing a beat.

There’s a secret weapon for those drummers craving extra volume and broader reach without the transition to a thicker drumstick. Enter the extended 5A. With added length, this drumstick model offers slightly more weight, translating to increased power. Drummers seeking to push their boundaries will find the extended 5A drumstick an exceptional tool that enriches their musical narratives without overwhelming their style.

Let’s delve a bit deeper into the specifications of a standard 5A drumstick:

5A Standard Drumstick Specifications

Dimensions: Length 16 1/2″ Diameter .570″ Weight: Medium Taper: Medium Tip Style: Tear Drop

In essence, the 5A drumstick’s dimensions give it the versatile ability to adapt to different genres. The medium weight and taper provide a balanced feel in the hand, while the tear drop tip style delivers a full, rich tone.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Here’s what some esteemed drummers have to say about the 5A drumstick:

5A Standard Reviews: Drummers’ Voices

Mitchell Seymour gives high praise: “Compared to 5A sticks from other brands, Collision sticks feel strong in the hand and fluid with finesse. The slightly extended length gives Collision 5A sticks the flexibility to feel at home playing all genres of music.”

Sharing his love for these drumsticks, Jordan Marsh says, “I absolutely love these sticks. They hold up for such a long time and feel really nice and well balanced in your hands. Even compared to other brands, it has a smoother finish that still sits comfortably in your hands without losing control. They’re solid for the heavy hitter but also light for more delicate dynamics.”

Ryan Duswalt adds, “Truly an amazing stick and company. The durability is unmatched to anything I’ve tried. Definitely will be using these from now on. You just have to try them out!”

The 5A drumstick, especially when crafted from American Hickory, is indeed a multifaceted tool that marries versatility with durability. Whether you’re a drummer just starting on your musical journey or an experienced professional looking for the perfect balance, give the 5A and its extended version a try. You might just find the perfect extension of your musical soul.


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