Collision 5AR Extended Series Drumsticks: Size and Details

5AR Drumstick: A Detailed Examination

Among the vast spectrum of drumstick sizes, the 5AR from the Reach Series stands out for its unique characteristics. With a design that stays true to the responsive feel of the standard 5A drumsticks, the 5AR is a denser, longer option, making it an essential tool for certain drumming styles.

The 5AR Reach Series drumsticks have gained popularity predominantly among Rock, Hardcore, and Metal drummers. Why? The answer lies in the added length that these sticks provide. This additional reach significantly enhances a drummer’s technique, allowing for a broader range of motion and increased precision. Coupled with a powerfully designed tip and a reputation for hard-hitting execution, these drumsticks are not meant for the faint of heart. They are designed for drummers who dare to deliver a punchy performance.

However, the 5AR isn’t merely about strength. It’s about durability and responsiveness that match the intensity of the beats. Let’s delve into the specifics of the 5AR Reach Series drumstick:

5AR Reach Series Drumstick Specifications

Dimensions: Length 16 7/8″ Diameter .585″ Weight: Medium/Heavy Taper: Large Tip Style: Heavy Metal

With these specifications, the 5AR drumstick provides a unique advantage. The medium/heavy weight, combined with a large taper, creates a balanced feel and potent response. The heavy metal tip style adds to the stick’s durability, making it an ideal choice for high-intensity genres like rock, hardcore, and metal.

Yet, the defining words of a drumstick’s prowess come from those who wield them. Here’s what some respected drummers have to say about the 5AR Reach Series:

5AR Reach Series Reviews: Drummers’ Perspectives

Nathan Buckland, an ardent user, praises, “Best drumsticks I ever used!! I am impressed with how they feel, with the rebound and the durability. The first time I used the 5AR impressed me so much on how durable they are and have now become my No.1 choice of a pair of sticks.”

Euan Woodman echoes similar sentiments, stating, “Undoubtedly durable, Perfectly weighted, and Unbelievably unique.”

Gabriel Tavarez adds, “Best Drumsticks hands down! I’ve made this stick my signature one and I’ve had no regrets. My play style is more relaxed and calm, so the extra reach on these sticks helps so much with my playing. The durability is also something worth mentioning, I still have my first pair with little to no dents and chips. If they feel good, you play good, and these sticks do the trick! Good company and product.”

The above testimonials emphasize the profound impact the right drumstick can have on a drummer’s performance. The 5AR drumstick from the Reach Series clearly demonstrates how a seemingly simple tool can transform the drumming experience.

Are you a drummer looking to add power, precision, and reach to your performance? Or perhaps you’re exploring the world of rock, hardcore, or metal drumming? If yes, the 5AR drumstick can be a game-changer. Remember, your journey to drumming mastery starts with the right tools. Equip yourself with the 5AR Reach Series drumstick and let your rhythm resonate with unmatched power and precision.

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