Collision 5B Standard Drumstick: Size and Details

Collision 5B Standard Drumstick: Size and Details

In the array of drumstick sizes, the Collision 5B Standard stands a notch above the rest, particularly for its larger size and heavier weight compared to the 5A Standard drumsticks. The added size and weight translate to enhanced volume and potency, qualities that are indispensable for aggressive music styles like rock, heavy pop, or even light metal.

The American Hickory Collision 5B Standard stick has won over drummers across the globe who seek the ideal balance between durability and agility. This drumstick endures the hard-hitting beats of aggressive drumming styles without sacrificing the agility necessary for swift and intricate drumming maneuvers.

For those drummers looking to up their game by adding even more reach and power to their performance, the extended Collision 5BR from the Reach Series can be a game-changer. This drumstick offers the same power and balance of the 5B Standard, but with added length that extends your reach, adding to the dynamism of your performance.

Collision 5B Standard Drumstick Specifications

Dimensions: Length 16″ Diameter .605″ Weight: Medium/Heavy Taper: Large Tip Style: Tear Drop

With these specifications, the Collision 5B Standard drumstick offers a unique combination of size, weight, and balance. The medium/heavy weight, large taper, and tear-drop tip style make it a preferred choice for drummers who need to deliver high-energy performances without compromising on the drumstick’s durability or agility.

But, a drumstick’s true worth is best testified by the drummers who wield it. So let’s hear it from those who’ve chosen the Collision 5B Standard drumsticks for their beats:

Collision 5B Standard Drumstick Reviews: From the Drummer’s Standpoint

Sean Ivens finds the Collision 5B Standard to be, “Awesome sticks for solid rock and pop drumming, but with a nice weight and feel that makes them great for other genres too. Super durable as well. Would recommend 100%!”

Echoing a similar sentiment, Ste Knight shares, “My Collision Drumsticks have by far outlasted anything I’ve used before. If you’re a serious working drummer you need these in your stick bag.”

David Walters also puts in a good word for the Collision 5B Standard, “I love these sticks! Great balance and feel for both match and traditional grips, warm cross-stick tones, and fantastic durability. You need to try these sticks!”

With such high praise from experienced drummers, it’s clear that the Collision 5B Standard drumstick offers an exceptional balance of durability, agility, and power. Whether you’re looking to master aggressive music styles like rock and heavy pop, or you’re simply seeking a drumstick that can deliver hard-hitting performances, the Collision 5B Standard and the extended 5BR Reach Series are worth considering. Your journey to masterful drumming starts with the right tools, and with the Collision 5B, you’re already on the right path.

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