Collision 5BR Drumstick: Size and Details

The 5BR Drumstick: A Drummer’s Best Friend

The drumstick is more than a simple tool; it is an extension of the drummer, a critical factor in the sound, technique, and style of play. And for drummers who are unafraid of making a strong impression and seeking more than just the standard, the Collision 5BR Reach Series drumsticks offer a unique proposition.

Having retained the feel and responsiveness of the 5B Standard Series, the 5BR sticks take things to a new level. They are longer, denser, and designed for a more potent play style. These drumsticks find favor primarily among Rock, Hardcore, and Metal drummers, thanks to the extra length enhancing their technique. Equipped with a powerful tip and a design for hard-hitting execution, these sticks aren’t meant for the faint-hearted. They are designed for the bold and the audacious.


Dimensions: Length 16 7/8″ Diameter .610″ Weight: Medium/Heavy Taper: Large Tip Style: Heavy Metal

These specifications tell the story of a drumstick that’s designed to go the extra mile. The longer length, along with the medium/heavy weight, large taper, and heavy metal tip style, come together to create a drumstick that’s built for power, durability, and high performance.

What the Drummers Say: 5BR Reach Series Reviews

But don’t take our word for it. Let’s hear from some drummers who have wielded the 5BR Reach Series drumsticks:

Zac Demo expresses his satisfaction, “I’ve been using the 5BR’s for only a couple of weeks now, and they are incredible. I definitely have more control with my sticks, and would recommend these to any metal drummer.”

Gianluca Kuemin chimes in with his testimonial, “I love those sticks. They don’t break after hours of playing. They’re the best sticks I’ve ever played with. So durable! Thank you, Collision.”

Brett Siples shares his perspective, “The 5BR’s are perfect if you want power, durability, and extra length. The weight is just right. Not too heavy like a tree and not too light making you overplay. I play hard rock loudly, and with the 5BR’s, I’m able to let the stick do a little more of the work for me. I highly recommend these for anyone wanting a nicely balanced, heavier, longer stick for rock and roll!”

The Collision 5BR Reach Series drumsticks demonstrate a compelling blend of design, performance, and resilience. They stand up to the rigors of intense drumming, be it Rock, Hardcore, or Metal, and let you make your mark with every beat.

So, if you’re ready to amplify your drumming, to take command of your music with more control and power, it’s time to consider the 5BR Reach Series drumsticks. Experience the difference that the right tool can make, and let your drumming resonate with a power and presence that’s uniquely yours.

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