Collision 7A Standard: Size and Details

Collision 7A Standard: Size and Details

Drumsticks are the essential tools for drummers, enabling them to create a diverse array of sounds and rhythms. Among the different sizes available, the 7A drumstick is a unique option, designed for intricate and delicate playing. In this blog, we’ll explore the features, benefits, and applications of the 7A drumstick, focusing particularly on the American Hickory 7A model.

A Specialized Choice

The 7A drumstick stands out as the lightest among standard drumstick sizes. Its slender design is a favorite among jazz musicians, acoustic performers, younger drummers, and those with smaller hands. Unlike heavier sticks, the 7A offers a gentle touch, making it excellent for intricate and nuanced playing styles.

The American Hickory 7A stick, in particular, is known for its harmonious balance between lightness and resilience. The stick’s material and construction allow for delicate playing without easy breakage.

An Extended Option

For drummers who love the feel of a lighter stick but want a bit more reach, there’s the extended 7AR. By adding a little extra length, the extended variant enables drummers to explore more distant tones on their set, opening new possibilities in playing styles and techniques.

7A Standard Drumstick Specifications

  • Dimensions: Length 16″, Diameter .540″
  • Weight: Light/Medium
  • Taper: Narrow
  • Tip Style: Acorn

These specifications contribute to the stick’s unique feel and capabilities, offering drummers a specialized tool for particular genres and playing techniques.

Real-world Opinions

As with any instrument, the ultimate judgment comes from the musicians who use them. Here’s what some drummers have to say about the 7A Standard:

Matik: “Amazing drumsticks, tough, durable, and really fun to play with! I don’t play anything else.”

Andrew Conroy: “Having used 7A’s for a number of months testing them against other named brands, Collision is the more durable stick and gives a better feel and definition. 10/10 would recommend to any drummer.”

Joshua Van Ness: “Well balanced, durable…slightly longer than a typical 7A. Provides great cymbal definition. My favorite sticks!”

The Ideal Genres for the 7A

With its lightness and delicate design, the 7A drumstick is particularly suited to:

  • Jazz: The finesse required for jazz drumming makes the 7A an excellent choice, allowing for subtle, complex rhythms.
  • Acoustic Music: For a softer, more intimate sound, the 7A provides the perfect touch.
  • Younger Drummers: Its light weight makes it manageable for younger drummers or those with smaller hands.


The 7A drumstick is a specialized tool with a unique place in the drumming world. For those seeking a gentle touch, a delicate sound, and a stick that offers both resilience and finesse, the 7A might be the perfect choice.

Whether you’re a jazz aficionado, an acoustic musician, or just starting on your drumming journey, the 7A offers a unique way to express your musical soul. With endorsements from professional drummers and a design geared towards specific genres and playing styles, it might be time to add the 7A drumstick to your collection. Its delicate power awaits your discovery.

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