Collision 7AR Reach Series Drumsticks: Size and Details

Collision 7AR Reach Series Drumsticks: Size and Details

In the world of drumming, finding the perfect drumstick can be a thrilling yet daunting task. Among the numerous options available, the 7AR Reach Series drumsticks stand out as a distinctive choice. Let’s take a closer look at what makes these drumsticks exceptional.

The Unique Feel of the 7AR Reach Series

The 7AR drumsticks, a part of the Reach Series, offer the feel and responsiveness typical of the 7A Standard Series but with a longer and denser build. This seemingly subtle variation holds the key to a unique playing experience that resonates with many drummers across genres.

Although predominantly used by Jazz, Funk, and Blues drummers, the extra length of the 7AR Reach Series enhances the drummer’s technique, opening doors to broader musical expressions. These sticks are equipped with a powerful tip and offer hard-hitting execution, making them suitable even for alternative rock styles.

7AR Reach Series Drumstick Specifications

Dimensions: L 16 4/5″ D .550″
Weight: Light/Medium
Taper: Narrow
Tip Style: Acorn

These specifications contribute to a drumstick that is not only longer but also maintains a balance between lightness and resilience. The Acorn tip style is known for its ability to produce full tones, while the light/medium weight and narrow taper combine to create a stick that’s precise and versatile.

7AR Reach Series Reviews

The real value of a drumstick often emerges from the experiences of the drummers who wield them. Here’s what some professional drummers had to say about the 7AR Reach Series:

Greg Hayward

“I received the 7AR Collision sticks about 6 months ago, and they are still strong and feel great in my hands! The description states these are designed for jazz styles. Well, I play mostly alternative rock-style music, and these sticks are impressive to say the least.”

Adam Mole

“Review update from 2020: I’m still using the same first pair of 7AR’s that I ordered back in 2020. I usually go through sticks twice a month, and I’ve yet to snap a single stick!”


“Really amazing drumsticks. Perfectly balanced and super durable. Would definitely recommend these to any drummer.”

Conclusion: A Drumstick for the Versatile Drummer

The 7AR Reach Series drumsticks go beyond what’s typical and offer a unique experience that appeals to a wide range of drummers. From jazz to rock, these drumsticks transcend genre boundaries, making them suitable for various musical styles.

Their durability is also a standout feature, as evidenced by users who have relied on the same pair for extended periods. Coupled with their impeccable balance, powerful tip, and unique dimensions, the 7AR drumsticks are a top recommendation.

Whether you’re a seasoned jazz drummer looking for an extra edge or a rock enthusiast searching for a more balanced and durable option, the 7AR Reach Series drumsticks might be the perfect fit for your needs.

Remember, a drummer’s success begins with the right tools. With the 7AR Reach Series, you get a drumstick that resonates with your rhythm and amplifies your musical expression. Give them a try and let your beat reach new heights.

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