Drum Kit Essentials

Drum Kit Essentials

For every drummer, professional or hobbyist, the quality of their tools determines the quality of their sound. That’s why it’s crucial to choose the right products to make your beats resonate with power, precision, and creativity. Among the leading names in drumming equipment, Collision Drumsticks has earned recognition for its top-notch quality. Here’s a rundown of some essential products that every drummer should consider:

1. Drumsticks by Collision

When it comes to drumsticks, choosing the right pair can make or break your performance. Collision Drumsticks offers an array of choices, crafted with various materials and designs to suit different playing styles and preferences. Whether you’re into jazz, rock, or orchestral pieces, you’ll find a pair that fits your needs. Our most popular stick choice is the 5A Standards, those looking for a lighter stick should definitely use our 7A Standards. Our 5B Standards are for those looking for a slightly thicker stick while those harder hitters should definitely use our 2B Standards. We also offer a Reach series for those drummers looking for lengthier drumsticks with extra reach! Those 5A Standard drumsticks drummers looking for added reach should use our 5AR Reach series, 5B Standard players enjoy our 5BR Reach Series, we even offer 7AR Reach Series Drumsticks for 7A Standard artists looking for extra length!

2. Drumheads

A well-tuned drum head can transform the sound of your drum set. Explore different materials and thicknesses to find what resonates best with your musical style. Remember, consistency and durability are key.

3. Drum Towel

Comfort leads to better performance, this absorbent microfibre suede towel is designed for drummers on the go – playing gigs, shows, festivals, and other sweaty endeavors. Mesh drawstring travel bag included. Use it to towel off during sweaty workouts, post-practice, or post-shower. The Collision towel is a microfibre compact design for quick drying and ready to reuse in no time. Easy maintenance and machine-washable. Resistant to repeated washing. Pat dry for absorption and effective drying.

4. Cymbals

Different genres require different cymbals. Consider your playing style and the sound you want to achieve.

5. Practice Pads

When it’s time to practice, a practice pad can mimic the feel of a real drum, providing a quiet way to hone your skills. Practice makes perfect! Level up every time you practice with our Collision Drumsticks Impact Your Sound! Practice Pad. The Impact Your Sound Practice Pad features a unique design that is simple, portable and comfortable. It is light and easy to store. The practice pad can be mounted on any snare stand or even just played on your knees for a quick practice run. The practice pad is a phenomenal tool to improve your playing techniques and warming up before gigs. This snare has similar rebound properties to a snare, tom, hihat etc.

6. Cases and Bags

Protecting your investment is essential, and that’s where quality drum cases and bags come into play. Look for ones that offer ample padding and are designed to fit your specific drum set. The Collision Drumstick Bag is the pro choice to store your Collision Drumsticks and accessories! Super spacious and now you can keep your sticks organized at a gig or rehearsal!

Drumstick Bag Features:

* Fits 18 pairs + Drumsticks
* Sectioned stick slots keep your sticks organzied
* Featured secure padded interior for protection when storing and transporting.
* Carry handles and over shoulder strap to suit all artists for easy transport
* Zipper for easy access
* Extra outer pocket for accessories
* Hook-and-strap system allows for secure suspension from the floor tom or snare.
* An internal pocket and elastic drum key loop makes the bag complete!

Collision Drumstick Bags sleek design, interior and integrated foam padding boast storage of 18 Pairs + of drumsticks and mallets. Features inside and outside pockets for various accessories and equipment to ensure you have what you need whilst on stage, in the studio or at home.

7. Specialty Sticks and Mallets

For those unique sounds and playing techniques, specialty sticks, brushes, and mallets are indispensable.

Collision Drum Brushes feature a retractable design for easy storage and adjustable brush spread for varying sound options to suit all styles.

The Brushes are encased within a highly durable enclosure to enable infinite spread options. The enclosure also provides added protection during transit or storage. The Brushes features ultra versatile wire brushes.

If you’re looking for a new way to play your drums, look no further than our Drum Rods.

* Length: 16.25”
* Handle thickness: 0.590”
* Dowels: 16 Bamboo Dowels

Designed for all-style playing, Collision Drum Rods provide a lighter alternative sound to drumsticks.

An interesting alternative to sticks that still offer a fairly solid playing feel yet take the sharpness out of the impact, so they are ideal for scenarios where you want to bring down the aggression and to a point, the volume of your drums.


The world of drumming is as broad and diverse as music itself. Equipping yourself with quality products not only enhances your sound but also fuels your passion and creativity. Collision Drumsticks, with its commitment to quality and innovation, provides options worth considering as you build or upgrade your drumming arsenal.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting your drumming journey, understanding your needs and investing in the right products will set you on the path to rhythmic success.

Visit Collisiondrumsticks.com to explore their full range of products, or consult with fellow drummers and music experts to find the perfect tools for your beat.

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