How Do You Get Sponsored by a Drum Company?

How Do You Get Sponsored by a Drum Company?

Are you a drummer with dreams of breaking into the music industry? Do you have the talent and passion but lack the financial backing or resources to make it happen? If yes, drum endorsements might be the way forward for you. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can get sponsored by a drum company, using the specifics provided by Collision Drumsticks, renowned as the UK and Europe’s Largest and leading drumstick brand.

What Are Drum Endorsements?

Drum endorsements are agreements between drum companies and drummers where the drummer promotes the brand and uses their products, in return for financial or product support. These agreements vary from providing free gear to monetary compensation and are usually tailored according to the drummer’s profile and reach.

Collision Drumsticks has laid out three distinct endorsements that cater to different levels of expertise and exposure. Let’s delve into them to understand what you need to achieve a sponsorship deal with Collision or similar brands.

1. The Cruise Endorsement

This endorsement is tailored for emerging artists playing live 2-3 times a month and gaining local traction. Here’s what you need:

  • Playing Regularly: You must open or support local touring acts/tour regionally.
  • Social Media Presence: Over 1,000 Facebook likes or equivalent, and a combined social media following of at least 1,000 followers.
  • Exposure and Attention: Gaining attention in the music industry.
  • YouTube Presence: Your drum covers must have over 5,000 views.
  • Exceptions: Exceptional talent, awards, or playing at reputable festivals/shows might allow for exceptions to these requirements.

2. The Approach Endorsement

For drummers playing live 3-5 times a month and becoming a main support act, this endorsement can be an ideal option. The requirements are:

  • Regular Live Shows: Main support for local/touring acts, and regional/national support tours.
  • Social Media Base: Solid social media presence, including 10,000 combined followers.
  • Management/Label Interest: Attracting interest from management or record labels.
  • YouTube Presence: Drum covers with over 30,000 views.
  • Exceptions: Like the Cruise Endorsement, exceptional talent can lead to exceptions.

3. The Impact Endorsement

The most prestigious endorsement is aimed at professionals touring nationally or internationally. The prerequisites are:

  • Touring Regularly: National or international touring is a must.
  • Media Exposure: Exposure through various media channels, including social media, videos, and magazines.
  • YouTube Reach: Drum covers with over 100,000 views.
  • Label Agreement: Being signed to a record label with a major release.
  • Social Media Following: Combined followers of 100,000 or more, with exceptions for exceptional talent or achievements.

How to Apply for an Endorsement?

  1. Build Your Profile: Start by meeting the prerequisites listed above.
  2. Create a Portfolio: Include videos, social media stats, awards, and any relevant information that showcases your talent.
  3. Reach Out: Contact the drum companies you’re interested in. Collision Drumsticks, for example, would likely have a specific process or form to fill out.
  4. Stay Professional: Your communication, appearance, and behavior should reflect professionalism.


Getting sponsored by a drum company like Collision Drumsticks is achievable with the right combination of talent, hard work, and strategic planning. Understand the levels of endorsement available, align yourself with the requirements, and put forth a professional, polished application. Your sticks may just find their match with a leading drumstick brand!

Note: The endorsement information provided in this blog is specific to Collision Drumsticks, and it is always advised to refer to the respective drum company’s guidelines or reach out to them directly for precise details.

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