What are drum endorsements?

What are drum endorsements?

What Does a Drum Endorsement Mean?

When you think about drumming, one of the key components that will come to your mind is, of course, the drumsticks. Whether you’re a drummer looking to carve out a name for yourself or a fan of the craft, drum endorsements are something you have likely heard about. But what exactly does a drum endorsement mean? In collaboration with Collisiondrumsticks.com, let’s dive into this fascinating aspect of the music industry.

Endorsement – The Basic Idea

An endorsement is a mutually beneficial partnership between a brand and an artist. In the context of drumming, it typically involves a drumstick company and a drummer. The company provides the artist with product support, and in return, the artist promotes the brand. Endorsements can range from providing artist rate drumsticks and gear to support for tours and album recordings.

Collision Drumsticks – A Partnership Driven by Quality

When it comes to endorsements, quality matters. Companies like Collisiondrumsticks.com seek out drummers who resonate with their brand’s values, quality, and style. An endorsement from Collision means that the artist truly believes in the product and is excited to play using their sticks.

Benefits to the Drummer

As a Collision Drumsticks Endorsee, you are a member of the Team Collision Family! 

VIP Artist Benefits include:

  • Being an official Collision Artist for the UK and Europe’s largest drumstick brand!
  • Exclusive Artist discounts, deals, product trials and VIP pre-sale access.
  • Strong relationship and direct 1:1 support from the Collision Executive Team.
  • 1:1 Quarterly Check in Calls and more support available! 
  • Social media promotion through our content portal to our community of 150,000 Followers! 
  • Promotional assistance – Reposts and original posts on our social media pages!
  • Artist video shared on our Youtube Channel!
  • Artist Profile on our International Website! (INDUSTRY LEADER!)
  • International Artist Announcement and press-release! 
  • Feature opportunities in our newsletter
  • Interview opportunities on our International social media and ‘Drum Club’ Podcast! 
  • Invitations to exclusive online and in-person events! 
  • Access to our Custom Drumsticks Department to create your own signature drumsticks!
  • Downloadable’s including Collision logos
  • + So much more!!! 

Benefits to the Brand

  • Increased Visibility: Artists using a brand’s products naturally leads to greater visibility, especially if the artist is well-known.
  • Authentic Marketing: An endorsement from a passionate drummer serves as a sincere recommendation, providing a human connection to potential customers.
  • Product Development: Collaborating with professionals provides brands with valuable insights that can drive innovation and quality improvements.


A drum endorsement is more than just a business transaction; it’s a partnership filled with passion, creativity, and a shared goal of musical excellence. 

For Collision Drumsticks, it means working closely with artists who believe in their products, enhancing not only the music but the drumming community as a whole.

Whether you’re an aspiring drummer looking to align with a brand that resonates with your style, or a music enthusiast interested in the world behind the beat, understanding drum endorsements provides an intriguing glimpse into the symbiotic relationships that fuel the rhythm of the industry.

For more information about endorsements and quality drumming equipment, CLICK HERE visit Collisiondrumsticks.com, where passion meets performance.

Are you a passionate drummer looking to take your career to the next level? Look no further than the Collision Drumsticks Endorsement Program! At Collision, we believe in nurturing talent and supporting musicians just like you.

Why Choose Collision Drumsticks Endorsement Program?

  • Quality You Can Trust: Each pair of Collision drumsticks is crafted with precision to offer you the ultimate playing experience.
  • Community and Support: Engage with like-minded drummers, participate in exclusive events, and get valuable insights from industry experts.
  • Exposure and Growth: Amplify your presence with features on our social media platforms, website, and partner networks.

Take your drumming journey to a new height with Collision Drumsticks. Apply now and become part of a family that celebrates music, creativity, and individuality.

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