Your Drum Set Up Should Be a Reflection Of Your Priorities Behind The Kit

Your Drum Set Up Should Be a Reflection Of Your Priorities Behind The Kit

Drumming is an art form, a means of expression, and for many, a lifelong passion. Just as a painter chooses a particular canvas size or a specific palette of colors, drummers have an assortment of instruments, configurations, and setups from which to choose. The way a drummer sets up their kit is not just about ergonomics or technique; it’s also a reflection of their musical priorities, style, and even personality.

1. The Beauty of Customization

Every drummer is unique. From jazz to rock, funk to fusion, every genre requires a different touch, technique, and tone. By aligning your drum setup with your preferred style, you’re not only making a statement but also facilitating ease and efficiency in your playing.

For instance, a rock drummer might prioritize a big bass drum for that punchy low end, while a jazz drummer might opt for a smaller, more tunable kick to complement those intricate ride cymbal patterns.

2. Less is More, or More is More?

Some drummers believe in a minimalist setup: a snare, bass drum, one or two cymbals, and perhaps a tom. They believe in extracting the maximum range of sounds from a limited set of drums. On the other hand, some drummers revel in a more expansive setup with multiple toms, a plethora of cymbals, and auxiliary percussion instruments.

Neither approach is right or wrong; it’s about what serves the music best and what aligns with your priorities behind the kit.

3. Ergonomics and Playability

Your comfort behind the kit is crucial. An ergonomically sound setup can prevent strain and injury, ensuring longevity in playing. If you find yourself stretching too far or adjusting your posture negatively, perhaps it’s time to rethink your setup.

4. The Sound in Your Head

Every drummer has a sound they’re chasing. Maybe it’s the crispy crack of a well-tuned snare or the deep resonance of a floor tom. Your drum setup should enable you to capture and express that internal sound, turning your aural visions into reality.

5. The Evolution of Your Setup

Your priorities will shift and evolve as you grow as a drummer. The kit that served you well during your hard rock phase might need tweaks when you dive into Latin rhythms or bebop. Being open to change and adaptation is key. Remember, the drum setup should serve the music and not the other way around.

6. Personality and Aesthetics

Beyond the sound and functionality, the visual appeal of a drum kit can’t be overlooked. Drummers often choose shells, heads, and hardware that reflect their personal aesthetic. Whether it’s the classic look of vintage drums or the modern shine of acrylic shells, your drum kit can be as much a part of your stage presence as your playing style.

7. The Right Drumsticks: An Extension of Your Priorities

Within the vast world of drumming, even the seemingly insignificant choice of drumsticks plays a crucial role in reflecting a drummer’s priorities. Think of drumsticks as an artist’s brush – they determine the stroke, intensity, and texture of your musical canvas. Integrating them into your setup isn’t just about having something to hit your drums with; it’s about choosing an extension of your hand that best communicates your musical intent.


At the heart of every drum setup is a story – a tale of musical journeys, evolving styles, and personal preferences. As you sit behind your kit, take a moment to reflect on whether your setup genuinely mirrors your priorities and aspirations as a drummer. Remember, it’s not just about having the best or most expensive gear; it’s about creating a musical space that feels like home. Your drum set is an extension of yourself. Make it count.

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